ok, ok

ok, new layout, new userpics. feeling a little bit better.

i've been uh, really sad, lately. in the way where i'm feeling like a constant weight on my chest. there was...a lot to deal with this summer. it's been a rough one. i'm trying, trying not to rely on anyone but myself to pull me out of this funk, and i just had a blast rereading old entries on here (god, so YOUNG, i was SO YOUNG) so i think...i think i need a space to spew things again. tumblr has too many followers that i know in real life, and i just need a more private place, i think.

so...we'll see how it goes.

i've never been good at keeping in touch, or keeping up with things, or fulfulling promises, and going forward, i want to work on that. i want to only say things i mean, promise things i can without a doubt do, and work on how i relate to other people. things i've never been good at, that have never come naturally.

so, very tentatively, i wanted to say...hi. to everyone still on here, anyone still around. hi. it's been a long, long time. 

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This just crushed what was left of my heart tonight, after already having said a tearful goodbye to the BEST manager i've ever worked for

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everybody scream

AHAHAHAAHA WHAAAAAAT. when is this from? do i even care because it is so amazing? brendon and ryan playing back to back! and please watch jon at 1:51. i'm pretty sure he didn't mean to do that. and spencer is so adorable close to the end, nomg. PANICBOYS <3 (I AM SEEING YOU A WEEK FROM TOMORROW. HELLO. HELLOOOO :D)

and all over your flists right now:

*hands* but just look how pleased he is with himself at the end! the laughing in the background is the best part. XD

and i continue to be really happy with spn this season. i have such a soft spot in my heart for this show, you guys. even when it was at it's worst (aka chunks of second and third season), i still love it far more than anything else on tv. i remember when the pilot aired, and a message come up at the very beginning that said something along the lines of "for full viewing scary effect, please turn off the lights while watching" (and you better believe i did, too ). i didn't think it was going to get picked up, so the past four years have been a pleasant surprise. i've converted a fair many to this show. i don't think it will ever top that first season, but then i never think anything that comes after the original is as good as the original, please see every sequel ever. /rambleramble
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this has shown up on my flist three times, i know, but to any latecomers:

light on

it's...different than i imagined (yeah, i did read the lyrics yesterday and try to come up with a tune in my head, shut up) in an unexpected and amazing way. with the way i am about his voice though, he could pretty much sing anything and i'd love it. idkkkk, i'm just gonna go listen to it 80000 more times.

eta:shape5 just put it up for your downloading pleasure over here! :D


dear skeleton crew,



....not all of us are flat-chested. pls accommodate.

thx in advance,

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